Location Information

  • Beltline Church of Christ
  • 2159 Beltline Road SW, Decatur, AL, 35601 US

Register Today

  • If my plans change before then, I will cancel this registration to open this space for someone else.

Age should be between 9 and 109 as of September 1st, 2024

Please note: Because the videos recorded during this time will be of professional quality, the minimum age to attend is 9.

Please open and read the attached faith statement.

Faith Statement.pdf

I understand that this recording is a professional-quality recording. By registering to attend, I agree to dress and act accordingly.

I understand that by registering, I am committing to practicing and learning the songs that will be sung during this recording. I will additionally pay close attention to any notes sent to me about the songs and how the training versions may be different than how we will sing them during this video recording.

I understand that if I arrive late, I may be refused entry until a convenient time during the event. As this is a video recording event, this will likely be BETWEEN songs rather than during a song.

I understand that I am expected to dress in BLACK or DARK GREY only! By registering for this event, I agree to wear only those colors to this event. Further, I understand that the dress code for this event is "dress casual."

I understand that Acappella Ministries and The Acappella Company Staff reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason. By registering for this event, I agree to abide by these decisions should they affect me.

In the event of a dispute, I agree to submit to Arbitration to be decided in Nashville, Tennessee using the rules and procedures of Christian Conciliation. I understand any lawsuit filed outside of the agreed-upon venue or method will be subject to dismissal due to the terms of this agreement.

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